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Designing and creating is a continuous adventurePatrick Noel Sance

Engineer, adventurer, modern-day explorer, and wildly creative, are some of the words used to describe French leathergoods designer, Patrick Noel Sance

The son of an officer in the French Colonial army, Patrick spent his early years in Africa. Passages on steamships bound for African ports of call such as Tangiers, Casablanca, and Dakar instilled in him a taste for remove travel and adventure.

Returning to France for his formal education, he yearned for the freedom of the African continent. When his graduate studies in engineering were finished, he jumped at an opportunity to work in the heart of the vast Saharan Desert and in several African countries where he worked for many years as a petroleum engineer

Although the continent offered unlimited charm and beauty, the call of adventure once again overcame him and he set out to live a new dream amongst the great mountains of the world. During the next five years, from the Himalayas to the Andes, he organized expeditions for those who wanted stand on the top of the highest summits.

Always yearning for new adventure, Patrick’s expeditions on foot evolved into expeditions on horseback and two wheels as he co-organized the first Desert Riders Equestrian Rally across the American West and led the first BMW Paris to Panama Motorcycle Rally. During this time of far-flung adventures grew the beginnings of an idea for the creation of his own line of leather goods. Slowly, between his journeys, he turned his sketches into his own hand-sewn pieces.

Today, the leather pieces he designs marries his talent as an engineer with his spirit of adventure. His line of exquisite and innovative leather business accessories is a reflection of his enormous personal talent and his rich collection of life experiences that have provided him a fountain of inspiration. Like the designer, his leather creations are full of character. An architect of leather, he applies the same approach and passion to his creations as he does in a new adventure. Patrick Noel Sance was born in Castres, France in 1949. He lives in Texas.


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